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Mentor or Example; Is It Valuable

A little about myself: While growing up my family moved about every 4 years, I did not carry any friends over each move: my family was typical - not outstanding in any way; but we were readers. After High School where I graduated with honors with only four months in that school, I carried no friends or acquaintances forward to my work at Ford Motor Company. After a year & half I joined the Navy, Each duty station was a new experience, I carried no friends or acquaintances forward; Since the Navy I have had seven different career potentials, as each changed, I carried no friends or acquaintances forward. Everything has been "Start from Scratch" and "Did it myself".

Time that most would spend with friends or in sports: I would isolate & read.

Looking back I feel that friends should be maintained over distance and time, so you do not learn to accept loneliness as a normal state of life. In the Navy I should have made friends with those senior to me and selected one or two that I could go to with questions for opinions and guidance, (found a Mentor) In reading many biographies I find that the most successful individuals have mentors that provide not only information but example.

Looking back over my 73 years; I see many instances where a mentor would have been very helpful so that my life would have been less stressed, more successful and profitable. While I accept and have enjoyed the varied career patterns and places I have lived; a mentor, coach or example positively followed would have possibly made for a more specialized and  lucrative life.

I have spend thousands of dollars on "Self Improvement" with only moderate success. In studying the offerings in the field I found that Bob Proctor's studies as presented in the program "Thinking Into Results" is the best. It covers all aspects of life for the individual, the family, and the company, so it is applicable to every situation. The principles that Bob teaches after his 50 years of study; have been proven to work with third graders as well as major corporations. I feel compelled to present this material wherever possible for the benefit of all who will listen.

While I strongly support reading to learn and become informed; it should not be a substitute for friends and activity.

One of the principles that "Thinking Into Results" teaches and uses is "the MasterMind Group"l where 1 +1+1+1 = 10 or more; shared thought leads to much better results. While not replacing a mentor, it teaches the need and value of working together. It encourages the selection of a mentor by showing the value.

What will you get from "Thinking Into Results": How to set and achieve Goals, How to build a team, how to overcome the "Knowing Doing Gap"; self esteem and confidence as individual, family and company, how to overcome the barriers to success. and much more. It should be taught in our school system but it is not.

For More information contact Paul R. Schlehr. As a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and coach, Paul helps people and organizations make the most of their minds. In short to "Bring Success Home" To contact him or request permission to reprint this article  email: pauls@bringsuccesshome.com or phone: (775) 625-1860

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