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  In July 2016, Paul added the Neurokinesis  Intervention technique to the tools he uses.  This provides a proven technique to reduce the effects of PTSD and eliminate the clients consideration of suicide as "the only way out" 

Established in November 2012, by Paul Schlehr "Bring Success Home" Is a major step into the Coaching or Mentoring field.   Success is assured because the credibility, prestige and experience of Bob Proctor.   After more than 50 years of study and tremendous success in the field, Bob Proctor teamed with one of his students: Sandy Gallagher to create the "Think Into Results" program. This 24 week program teaches how the mind works and enables change at the basic point where change begins: in the subconscious mind. It teaches that we work with our subconscious mind controlling most of our results: this is where the change must begin to get great changes in our life and results.

  Paul Schlehr

After a Navy career, advancing from Seaman Recruit to Chief Warrant Officer 3 in the electronics field, Paul Schlehr has: completed a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) at West Texas State University, operated a couple of his own businesses, and spent 20 years as an long distance trucker (over 4 million miles-Safely). His moderate success in health, happiness and wealth, since the military career led him to question "Why not more?"

After spending time & funds on many "Self Improvement" programs; he found the best and has invested in himself and is bringing success home. His business "Bring Success Home" is enabling others to benefit from his tutelage with Bob Proctor. After more than 40 years of Toastmasters ( intermittant) membership: Paul Schlehr is competent, comfortable and articulate in expressing concepts and ideas to individuals and groups.

Using "Thinking Into Results" Paul Schlehr has made drastic changes for the better in his life and enables similar changes in the lives of his clients both private and corporate. "What ever your definition of Success - I will help you "Bring Success Home".

"What ever your definition of Success - I will help you "Bring Success Home".

Paul Schlehr may be contacted at: paul@bringsuccesshome.com or Office   (775) 304-0741

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