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Attitude determines Altitude

Have you notices that the airplane puts its nose up when taking off or gaining altitude? And it puts the nose down when going down. this is the basic aeronautical principle of flight. While many other factors are involved, the basic principle that the plane's Attitude or angle of flight relative to the ground will determine if the plane is climbing or going down. The airplane needs altitude to maintain flight to clear things like buildings, trees, Antennas, local storms and of course, mountains.

As humans in this world the attitude we have and exhibit to others determines our altitude. Consciously or unconsciously we each are continually evaluating ourselves and others on several scales, we may think about the social ladder, and climbing it, we may rate our income or net worth in comparison to others, we also may discuss the state of our health as great or poor. What ever scale we use the top of the scale is felt to be better than the bottom.

Each individual needs a altitude or level of success to weather the storms of life and other problems like health issues, financial obligations (most all of us have a tendency to try to spend more than we can afford) the breakup of a relationship Divorce, death, just growth of our partner or our growth and the failure of our partner to grow and support our growth.

How do we recognize and evaluate the attitude of ourselves or that of another? we look for things like:

Carriage and posture, Erect & open, not slumped and shuffeling, or crouched and afraid

A smile, Natural and often also shown in the eyes

A cheerful response to a greeting, not a dull distracted "hi'

A thoughtful answer that reflects they were listening when in conversation,

A willingness to approach and converse with anyone,

An ability to make decisions: to proceed with a project or to dismiss the same project as not being appropriate or good at this time, (to set & live with priorities)

Enthusiasm as shown by emotion and feeling in responses and action.

Persistence keeping as a job project or an idea until it is finished

Honesty with self and others, in matters of relationships money and obligations (Do they keep their word)

Tolerance: a willingness to listen to ideas and individuals that expose different programs ideas and standards.

All of these factors cost us nothing but a willingness to learn a new paradigm and teach our subconscious mind that these are the desired responses from our learning and conscious mind.

From Bob Proctor and the"Thinking Into Results" program I have learned how to change your habits to improve your Attitude and Altitude.

Results of living with a great attitude and a moderate amount of education. topped with a value set that honors what is shown by "Good Character" and the good attitude above will normally include:.

good relationships

a reserve of emotion,

a satisfied mind

Financial success

a reserve of financial assets

means to live the desired life style

For more information contact Paul R. Schlehr. As a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and coach, Paul helps people and organizations make the most of their minds. To contact him or request permission to reprint this article email: pauls@bringsuccesshome.com or

phone: (775) 304-0741

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